Monday, October 6, 2008


Our sweet babies were baptized yesterday. It was a beautiful service and a wonderful day.

The beginning of the service. Godparent affirmations and prayers. Do you notice my little Mr. P tucked under my arm...yes, he's never far from me:)
Big brother Tuba serving as an acolyte.
Getting rubbed with oil.
Baby brother's turn.
Lydia's first up for the full submersion baptism (3 times dunked).

Baby George just out of the water.

Sweet boy in his fancy outfit.
Sweet girl and her pretty dress and cross.
The Chrismation...annointing with Holy Oil.
After the Chrismation having the Holy Oil washed off with a sponge.

The tonsuring when the priest cuts pieces of hair and burns them, "May your life be so consumed in Christ".

Baby George getting his tonsuring...hard to find enough hair.
The wonderful Godparents with our babes.
After the service and the liturgy snuggling the boys with my mom.

For a good explanation of an Orthodox baptism go here.


  1. The babies look so AWESOME!!!!
    I love little chubby babies! What a beautiful ceremony.
    I'm glad you included the link, I needed help with hair :)

  2. what a special and beautiful day. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. I would love to know more about Orthodox Christianity..I will try very hard to find time to come back and read the link. Congratulations and God bless your family. darci

  3. Hi Becky,
    I got your message, no, we don't yet. In some respects I'm kinda glad....the wait is so much harder when you have a little face you know?
    Thanks for checking in :)



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