Friday, October 3, 2008

What's Next?

So...what does this mean? It means I still weigh 154 lbs.! Whaaaaaa! I've been going to the gym haven't been eating least not enough to lose weight. Poopy! That's what I have to say. How come I can't just be one of those people who eats what they want and is still skinny? I know...they probably don't really exist unless they are 12 years old. Cam says..."don't you want to work out to be healthy?". NO, I just want to work out so I can lose weight...believe me if I could be thin and not work out I would be thrilled. I know, I know, yes I do want to be healthy but my main motivation is to lose weight. I do also want to get the extra weight off because after having Gestational Diabetes I am at a 50-60% increased chance to get type 2 Diabetes in my life. Getting the weight off and exercising greatly reduces this risk. Once I get on track I will of course reap the benefits of the healthy part too and start to enjoy them. More energy is the best benefit...I could use more energy for sure:) Tomorrow I start counting my points. I get substantially more points because I'm nursing. I think I'll nurse for the next 5 years at least...LOL...but I'm kind of serious. Making time to calculate and write down my points will be a challenge. I really have very little time in my day for anything extra...although I am finding time to blog...a girl has to have some fun.
PS...notice the little hand in the photo with my WW girl is such a little helper.


  1. I feel exactly the same way! I always say I want to work out for my health but translate health to "lose weight". I'm with you, I would love to be skinny without exercise!

  2. ooh, yes, poopy is exactly right! sigh..i've GAINED 3 pounds..could it be, yes it must, be the chocolate..:) you go girl! The last two days I've made a huge effort to-gasp-only eat when I'm hungry..we'll see how it goes. :)



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