Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo Op

My nephews were visiting last weekend and I thought I'd finally try and get a group photo.'s hard to get my 5 to sit and endure numerous shots. But...add two more kids and it's really hard. I don't know how you parents with 7+ kids get those great shots!
I couldn't persuade Tuba to come to the photo shoot. I could have forced him and then the photo would have included him in tears and all red faced. So he's missing. The others were pretty compliant...except Sis...of course;)

Here's the best of the group...hmmmm...not terrible but not great. They are sure cute though!

This is the one they really wanted to do. I have multiples of this one....I'm sure the grandparents are loving this one!

Sis gave up and ran just the boys...pretty nice...maybe I could photo-shop Tuba into it?

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