Thursday, March 18, 2010

Number 4

Busy Guy turned 4 yesterday! Wow!!! Where has the time gone...seriously? I'm so proud of my sweet 4 year old. Busy Guy is an awesome kid. He is loving and kind to others and so fun to be around. He is's not just me who thinks so...his pre-school teacher raves about him too. "He is a good friend to others and is very mature" is what she reported to me. He has lots of energy and enthusiasm. He loves mechanical things and all tools! He wants to be BIG like Mr. P and tags along and keeps up very well. Speaking of keeping up...he is a very fast runner. I see a track future in him. He loves to sing and can sing a song word for word after hearing it a couple of times. Busy Guy is a special kid and I am cherishing each minute with him...cause he's growing so fast!
The first picture we got of our sweet baby. He was so tiny.

First Birthday...oh, those cheeks!
Second Birthday....sweetie pie!
Third Birthday...eager for Batman!
And...Fourth Birthday. He had a party at the Little Gym, a gymnastics place. It was so much fun. He invited his pre-school class. This was his first party with friends from school. He had a great time playing with everyone. And....whaaaaaa! Look how big he is. This Mama thinks he's getting too big too fast but he sure is a joy to watch grow up.

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