Thursday, March 11, 2010


I was at the gym today...trying to be good about going on a regular basis. When I arrived I noticed that there were a bunch of high school kids there working out. The gym is across the street from a high school and I don't know why but there are often teens at the gym for their PE class.

I ran into the locker room to use the restroom and was amused to see a bunch of girls hiding out in there. They were standing around twirling their hair, texting, talking about their hair, looking in the mirror, etc. Basic teenage girl things. It made me giggle to think that the PE teacher was probably a male and he had no idea what these non-PE girls were doing.

I was reminded of myself at that age. Go here for the teenage look. I hated PE. messes up your hair, like hello! I would say that it made me sweaty but that would be a lie since I never, EVER broke a sweat....ewwww, like I'm so sure.

I took an aerobics class my senior year. It met the PE credit and sounded a bit more my style. Well, actually my style would have been a room with couches and all my friends sitting around chatting with me. But, it sounded better than weight training...stinky! So, a few of my girlfriends and I signed on. We were horrified to find whatever...that we would have to actually make up a routine and teach it to the rest of the class. Huh? We were such brats and a terrible nuisance to the poor PE teacher (a nice man who I'm sure deserves a HUGE retirement from teenage girls:)

We would skip go to the donut shop. Great trade! No exercise and lots of calories...and time to chat free of Mr. Teacher scowling at us.

One day Mr. Teacher decided we should go out for a run. Huh??? A what? No, no, no we protested. We signed up for running involved...right? Darn it if he didn't make us go the elements...and run!

Well, we were smarter than him...we thought. He gave us the route and told us he'd be jogging along to make sure we ran the whole route. Never underestimate the devilishness of teenage girls...especially ones who don't want to hello running makes you sweaty and ruins your hair and makeup!

We set off on our "run" and quickly started walking and talking. Yes, we could do both at the same time. We decided to cut off part of the route since we were so behind and needed to get back to the school for our next class..and no teacher in sight. Along the way of cutting over we spied our Mr. Teacher looking for us. Yikes!!! In true teenage girl drama we ran screaming and jumped into some bushes to hide. Ewwwwww....spiders probably lived in there! I would rather get caught than get a spider in my hair so out we jumped. Thankfully Mr. Teacher was nowhere to be seen. We were hopping around and laughing and not being very inconspicuous....when a car screeched to a halt at the curb. This little OLD lady leans over and rolls down her window and asks us if we are okay and if we need a ride somewhere. Okay, yes, my Mother taught me to NEVER get into a stanger's car...but there were 4 of us and the lady was OLD at least 107...and we were late and didn't want to get caught. So...we jumped in and told her where we were headed. I was feeling pretty good until I looked down at the floor board of the car and there was a BIG axe! Yikes! Like hello, I think this OLD lady is going to chop us up and feed us to her cats!!!!

Luckily she dropped us off at the corner of the high school....we made it into the locker room without being spotted by Mr. Teacher AND most importantly our hair and makeup still looked good! Hello priorities!


  1. I told you NOT TO GET IN A CAR - EVER!!! with a stranger ...not even an old woman - they could have been wearing a disguise. Kids! They never listen to their parents.

  2. that made me laugh. thanks i needed that to balance out the cranky tears over here :)



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