Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boys and Girls

It's so much fun to have boys AND a girl. I had only sisters and although I did have boy cousins I don't remember playing any "boy" type games. I loved girly things...dolls, dress-up, and even my pretend world was girly...playing school (you know I was the teacher) and playing house...oh, yes I was the Mom. :)
It's been neat to see what games and toys each of my children enjoy. I love how Sis has been influenced by her brothers. She is often wielding a light saber while wearing high heels and a crown. A real step up from Princess Leia. The boys too have been influenced by the girl stuff in the house. They all fight over the baby stroller...although I think it's cause it has wheels and they like to rip around the house as fast as possible with it.
On this warm sunny day the boys wanted to try out their new squirt guns. They decided that they should take off their shirts. Of course Sis wanted hers off too. She cried hysterical until I took it off of her. Usually she has no problem getting her clothes on or off but the shirt was stuck. At first I didn't want her to take it off...but seriously, she's two. So off it went. They had a great time shooting their guns. Oh, guns...hmmmm...that's another whole story. Although I did grow up playing Charlies Angels.

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! But Everett must have been a lot warmer than Arlington :o)



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