Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get Away

Cam and I had our over night get-away. A much needed, much deserved, much overdue over night away. I gave Cam this trip for Valentine's Day. I thought the day would never get here. Yeah it finally did. And now boo-hoo it is gone. Well, we have the memories to keep us happy until the next time we can get away. This was only the second time since having children that we went away over night...alone!

We went to a fabulous Inn and Spa. Beautiful and peaceful. We left home at 3:00. My awesome MIL came to spend the night with the kids. I made dinner, laid out clothes and meds, wrote instructions and got everything ready for her. I know how much work 5 small kids are and I want her to do this again:) We checked in to a gorgeous room...King size bed covered in down comforter, bed cover and pillows....wood burning fireplace...soaking tub for two...and a view of the river. Nice!

We planned our itinerary carefully. We stayed at this same place 3 years ago. We made the mistake of having our massage first thing and then we were too tired to leave our room for dinner. So this time we had dinner first. We ate over looking the falls. Beautiful view. We were there on a weeknight and the place was empty. We had a yummy dinner and shared a bottle of delicious wine. Then we went back to our room and changed into our robes (provided by the hotel) and headed to the spa. Oh, yah, we did have our swim suits on under our robes. When we checked in the gal at the desk made sure to tell us that suits were required at the spa. After giving her a funny look she said that the hotel gets lots of European guests. Hmmmm...I bet she knows a few funny stories!
The spa is a Japanese style spa. We soaked in the hot mineral pool for about 30 minutes before our massages. Heavenly. The spa has a no talking policy so it is very quiet and peaceful. We both had great massages. Very relaxing. They do this wonderful thing putting steaming hot wash cloths on each area after it has been massaged. Oh, I loved it....especially on my face. After the massage I wished they would wheel me back to my room and dump me into my bed. We could barely walk we were so relaxed and tired. I begged Cam to build a fire. He did and we enjoyed it for about 10 minutes before we were asleep.
I of course woke up a million times...okay about 3 times...thinking of the kids and worrying if they were sleeping good for Grandma. Sis did her usual wake up and holler...3 times a night and wake up her brother in the process. Poor Grandma. The funniest thing is when they got up at 5:00 they laid in bed with her saying, "MY Grandma, NO! MY Grandma!". Too funny...sounds so familiar.

It was so nice to soak in the tub, and then get ready without any little people. I love my little people but they sure do interrupt my get ready time. Part of our package included a four course breakfast. This lodge is famous for their breakfast. We sat looking out the window at the falls with the beautiful sunshine lighting up the trees. We had a lovely leisurely time eating. The breakfast started with coffee. Yes! Served on a beautiful tray with dishes filled with shaved dark and white chocolate, vanilla whipped cream, sugar and a pitcher of half and half. How fun is that? I took full advantage of it. The first course was a basket of scones, muffins with butter and jam. Yum! I had already decided to pace myself and eat only a small bit of each course. The next course was pancakes with devonshire cream and fruit and yogurt on the side. Yum! Next course, oatmeal with butter and brown sugar. Yum! The final course was eggs, bacon, sausage and a wee bit of ham...oh, and potatoes. YUMMMMMMY. Needless to say we were very full. The best part was we had boxes and boxes of food to take home. The kids were thrilled. They mowed through it like locusts;)

After breakfast we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and the beautiful scenery and hiked down to the river. It was a 1/2 mile each direction....straight down and STRAIGHT up. The views were least until I was sweating so hard and gasping for breathe that I couldn't see straight. Cam...aka Mr. ADHD who is in super duper good shape was like a billy goat going up the mountain. Annoying! He would run up ahead of me and then come back and then run up again. Sheeesh.

We were home by just short of 24 hours gone. It went by so quickly. I missed the kids and was excited to see them. We hired our dear Meg to sit the kids for the morning. She switched off with Grandma.

It was lovely and I can't wait to do it again. Love my hubby so much and it was so nice to share some quiet time with just him.

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  1. It sounds lovely,Becky! So glad you finally got your well-deserved getaway. I can just feel those hot washcloths! Mmmmmm...



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