Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old Self

I have been feeling rather run down, tired, dizzy, stressed and just sort of blah. I was about to go in and have some blood work done. must have been a virus 'cause I'm feeling like my old energetic self again.

So to celebrate my returned energy I used my Saturday well.

Got up at 5:30 with Baby George.

Breakfast for the masses, got everyone washed/brushed/dressed, picked up the house, read the paper, got myself ready for the day.

Took the kids to Home Depot (brave or stupid???). I needed Super Locks to keep Sis in the house. She is a major escape artist!

Made lunch, cleaned up lunch.

Headed out to the yard to plant some plants.

Put babies down for nap, put in load of laundry.

Finished planting, pulled weeds....loads of weeds....2 hours of weeds. Was feeling so good so I dug up two stumps...yes, two stumps, and yes by myself. She-Woman hear me roar...or wince when I bend over now. :) Got good and dirty and sweaty and got a lot done.

Planted a few plants in the new no stump area. Put all my tools away.

Took a shower.

Made dinner...BBQ burgers....mmmmm. Fed kids.

Cleaned up dinner mess.

Switched laundry around, started more.

Folded and put away 4 loads.

Play games with kids, helped clean up toys.

Got everyone in pj's. Put 2 littles to bed. Gave Tuba meds.

Poured cereal for big boys for bedtime snack. Read books to big boys. Said prayers. Put big boys to bed.

And...somewhere in there I got about 2 million cups of water for kids and changed about 4 million diapers. ;) I also got/gave a trillion kisses, pushed kids on swings, chased kids, cuddled kids and settled...or ignored about a zillion disagreements.

Sheesh! Now, I'm off to bed to read. Hopefully I can stand up and move in the morning.

Goodnight all.


  1. Yes, you are Wonder Woman! Glad you're feeling better but you really make me feel super lazy. Better get off the computer and get something DONE!

  2. i'm tired just reading that! good for you!



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