Saturday, May 29, 2010


I just don't get games that is. I've never played them. Never been interested in them. When I was a kid the first video games came out. Okay, I did play an occasional game of PacMan and one or two games of Space Invaders at a friend's house. Oh, and there was a time when Cam and I would go play a race car game at a local tavern. Picture this...I was pregnant, we'd go in at lunch time, play a few games, laugh our heads off, and go home (and yes, I was super competitive and beat Cam lots of times). :)

Truthfully though, I just don't get the video game craze. I know...I don't have enough testosterone! Ironically, I now live in a house full of boys who LOVE video games. UGH! And...a house stocked with an XBOX and all the games. I've had many disagreements with my lovely hubby about which games our kids are allowed to play/watch. I've also had many fantasies about throwing the XBOX off a very high cliff! The violence is one problem but actually the language is more offensive to me. Many of the games would be okay for my boys to play except for the language. Not any big time swearing but things like "what the he**" and a few name calling words that I certainly don't want repeated from my kids.

So, the boys have games that are rated for their age, approved by me, and they have a time limit each day. I set the timer and if I can be sure they do not remind me. It doesn't matter how much time I allow them to is never enough.

Mr. P has been asking for a DS. Fortunately for me Cam was the first to say "no" to this request. For once I didn't have to be the bad guy to say no on the video game topic. He still wants one REALLY bad and asks for one each birthday and Christmas. Of course now Busy Guy is in on the asking too.

My sister J and my nephew D visited recently. D brought his DS. My nephew D is 3 years older than Mr. P so we told Mr. P that maybe when he reaches that age he can have one too. All the boys were so fascinated with the DS. Even with an extra boy in the house it was amazingly quiet. Hmmm....maybe I should re-think my position on the DS? I could buy each kid one and I'd probably never see or hear from them until they were starving? He-he!

Even more fun than a DS....a doggy! Sis chased the poor pooch around the house trying to catch him.
All the boys sat and watched how to play. My nephew made sure that Tuba got in an the action too.

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  1. Cam used to beg to go to "the Arcade" that meant a drive into Everett! Only for special times - like his birthday. Remember, we didn't have television for some of his growing up years. Neither did his sisters...only the youngest!



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