Saturday, May 22, 2010


Cam went off to work this morning, I made pancakes, I was listening to music in the kitchen and cleaning up while the kids played. And then the phone rang. Cam was calling...I assumed he was calling to say good morning to his know what they say about making assumptions! Well, in fact Cam was calling to say he was coming home. He said he has a fever, chills, and a stomach ache. WHAT!!! Do you know what this caring and loving wife said to her ill husband? I said, "Home? You can't come home! Can you go to a hotel?". You might ask yourself why I could be so mean. Just go here and you'll see why I suggested he not come home. In the end I said come home....but is it mean to suggest he sleep in the garage? When I told the kids that Cam was sick and coming home Mr. P asked right away, "is it the throw up germ?!". Yes, we are all still afraid! I'll keep you posted...if I'm away too long you'll know that it's not good. Pray everyone...PRAY.

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  1. Becky, How did you do the internal link in this post? Is it tricky? Because I am not :(

    P.S. Glad no one got the sickness!



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