Saturday, August 7, 2010


Twins....okay, my wee ones aren't really twins...but, close enough. Actually, dare I say I think having kids 6 mos. apart in age is harder than twins?? I think it is. One is always a bit quicker, faster and outwitting the younger one. Well, she's not bigger anymore and mostly they are equal in all areas now. It's wee ones vs. me now! They spend most of the day playing and running around with the big boys. They spend a small part (some days it's a big part) fighting and hitting or pushing each other. Ugh! Not my favorite part of being a mom...the referee part. My wee ones are totally in cahoots. They love to do things together and especially to laugh together.

They love to hide behind the door when I take the garbage out. Then they scream in delight as one of us whips the door shut and scares them.
Sitting together at the bonfire. I think BG is saying, "she did it".
After their bath the other night I couldn't find them. Here is where they were hiding and laughing hysterically.
They drug in their outdoor chairs and put them in front of the TV. I think they thought it was the movie theater.
They were dancing in the rain on the front porch....and laughing as I told them to come back in.

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  1. oh, i so know exactly what you are talking about. when they join the same team and go against the parents - watch out!



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