Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake Time

We had a great time in Chelan visiting my Dad, Step-mom, sister and nephew. The sun was hot and we spent most of the time in the boat and in the water.
Tuba cooling off in the lake. He jumped in with Grandpa but I missed the jump shot.
Everyone got a turn to drive the boat. Sis wasn't so sure...but once we went fast...she was hooked. She kept telling her brothers, "ready to go FAST!!".
Fun to spend time with the boys' cousin.
Busy Guy was so brave. He went tubin' with his cousin. He loved it. Mr. P wasn't so sure...finally he said, "Mom, tubing just isn't my thing". Ha!
Driving time for Mr. P. That's more his "thing".
Even Baby G got in on the driving.

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