Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Love

In this part of the world where we live....Summer is the best! The weather can not be beat. It's warm but not too hot. For some I think summer conjures up relaxation and leisure. For me...not so much. Summer feels like a race. I've got to get out there and do ALL the fun summer things I want to do...before this nice weather is gone...and it's 40 degrees, dark and raining for another 8 months.

A few weeks ago I wrote here about my list of things I wanted to do this summer. Well, I've done everything on the list! And....some of them multiple times. And...summer is not over. Yeah!

I told Cam yesterday that I plan to clean the house really good....this Winter!! He looked like he was going to die! Seriously though...I'm doing the bare minimum to keep us going so we can get out and have fun!!

Yesterday I had the best day ever. It started by going to WW (I've lost almost 5 lbs....going slow but at least it's coming off...and my clothes are fitting much better). Then I packed up the kids and headed to the beach. We met a bunch of friends and had lunch and played the afternoon away. I love my friends and all their kids! Then we came home and met Cam. We re-grouped and headed down to another beach for dinner at the Farmer's Market. Yummy! Then we played at the park, visiting with some friends we saw there. Then we went to swimming lessons. Then came home and had ice cream and put the kids to bed. I felt so happy. The sunshine is so good for me...and all the fun with my kids.

So now, I'm off to do a few chores and then take the kids downtown to play some pianos they have out on the sidewalks for a summer event, then off to the Children's Museum playground on the roof.
Get out and enjoy some summer!

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  1. I love that you plan your days for fun things with the kids, and I agree 'house work can wait!'.



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