Monday, August 2, 2010


Mr. P got this bike last year for his birthday. He was bit too small for it and worked hard to learn to ride training wheels. He is a cautious kid and didn't feel very secure. There was lots of frustration and lots of running along hanging onto him. Not fun for parent or child. The year passed without him learning to ride it. We don't do any bike riding through the wet cold winter. So, this Summer the bikes came back out and we tried again. Again, frustrating.

Then I read something that changed it all for Mr. P. I read on another blog that you can take off the pedals and teach your kid to balance without having to pedal. Basically they push along with their feet and coast. Once they can balance...put the pedals back on and they can ride. Cam took the pedals off and Mr. P spent about 2 or 3 segments of about 30 minutes practicing his balance. On the last segment he declared, "put the pedals back on....I can ride now". So, we did....and...he rode off! So amazing to see! He was so proud of himself. We will use this technique for the rest of the kids.

Here he is practicing without the pedals off.
And....riding away!!! So much fun. Go Mr. P!!

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  1. Oh, my, I wish we had known the "balancing trick" with our little bikers. good to know you are parents who are willing to put new ideas in your parental bag of tricks.



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