Friday, September 17, 2010

Babies No More

My babies are really not babies any more. Happy and Sad! Sis is potty trained...almost completely. She is wearing big girl undies all day and does great. That #2 thing...we are working on it. She potty trained so quickly compared to my boys. Of course she refused to even try it until just two weeks ago. My boys were all willing to try the potty seat at around age 2....not Sis (she is turning 3 at the end of the year)! But, in the end I'm glad she waited until she was ready. It was quick and she is very proud of herself. Baby George is trying too. He tries to go each time Sis goes. He has has a couple successful potty times...Yeah!! But, each time we are in a public restroom and he wants to go too I cringe. I know I can't tell him no but it is a real pain to take his diaper off and manage the two of them in a small stall. Blech!! I can't believe that soon we will not have any diapers in the house!! Amazing. We have been changing diapers for 4 years straight...and then many years before that too (5 years for Tuba and 2.5 years for Mr. P). I'm thinking the savings of money will be super duper!! I say we go to Hawaii to celebrate. ;)

My babies are also ready to leave the crib. Sis has been able to climb out for a LONG time. She has a zippered mesh tent over her crib. I HIGHLY recommend it for early climbers!! ;) It was $80 but works like a charm. Safe and secure. We used it first for Busy Guy. We had two brand new babies who were waking up like new babies do and then we had Busy Guy climbing out and into our room a zillions times a night. The tent could have been $500.00 and I would have bought it! But, now Baby George is climbing out too. While on vacation at the ocean the two slept in a double bed together and loved it. They stayed in bed all night. When we got home they were very sad to go back to the cribs. I think the rails will be coming off the cribs soon. Two toddler beds...maybe pushed next to each other so they can hold hands.

And, my babies are not napping any more! WHY?????? UGH! Sis needs very little sleep and if she naps then bedtime is a major yelling at the top of her lungs for hours on end. Not fun! She can take a quick 15 min. cat nap and then she is fine. Baby brother still needs a nap but won't nap without his Sis in the room with him. Sweet but frustrating. By late afternoon he is a tired cranky tantrum throwing wreck...and so am I. I'm going to keep trying to get him to nap but he has been just falling asleep in the car on the way to pick up Mr. P from school. Today I left early and then parked and cleaned out my purse while he rested. :)

My babies, I love my babies!! But, I'm very excited for the big kid times ahead too.

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