Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Gym

We joined a new gym. Our old gym closed. I arrived one day to work out there were signs up to say they would close in 7 days. This is the same number of days they gave the employees to find new jobs. How rude is that!? In case you're wondering...Bally's was the old gym.

Now, the new gym is the YMCA. It is so wonderful. I'm actually super excited to work out and get buff!! I know....crazy! I met with the trainer so I could learn the machines. I get kind of scared to try something new if I don't know how to do it. Now I have a plan and know how to use lots of equipment. Plus!!!! They have the most amazing thing...all the cardio equipment and some of the weight machines are hooked up to a computer system. I enter my code and then the screen on each machine tells me what weight, what seat position, etc. PLUS it records everything I do and sends me a monthly report of things like how many calories burned, miles ran etc. Wowwy, I love it. I am however SUPER sore! I would think that carrying kids around non-stop for years would keep me sort of muscular...but apparently NOT! I feel like a huge wimpy noodle. Soon I shall be toned and buff though. I'm trying to pretend like I care about my heart and my lungs but really I just want a smaller hiney and toned arms. :)

More on the gym. It is awesome and the kids are really excited because there is so much to do for the whole family. I've been bringing the 4 youngest ones to the Play Zone while I work out. I was nervous about taking the wee ones. I was sure they would cry. Hmmmm....I found out I do not know my own children! They were thrilled and love to go. In fact they ask every day to go play at the gym. My plan is to go 4-5 times a week and once school starts it will be really easy to get into the routine. Take kids to school, go to gym, go get Busy Guy from pre-school, go home. Perfect!

The Y also has a pool and the kids are thrilled to swim as a family. Plus there is a basketball court and lots of other kid programs to do. Yeah!!! Cam loves it too. It makes his triathlon training much easier to have the pool and gym all in one building. Yeah!!

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  1. I am so jealous. I worked at a Y for a long time, and they are such fantastic family places. I wish we had one close by!

    I am also looking forward to catching up on your blog. We were gone all summer, and the beginning of the school year is hectic. Your kids are getting big!



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