Sunday, September 19, 2010


Busy Guy's time has finally come to play soccer. You have to be four years old. He has been waiting for 3 long years. Every year he asks if it's his turn to play yet. Finally this is the year. He is doing great. What a super go-getter. No fear, no nerves, just fun and excitement.
Cam signed up to coach both Busy Guy's team and Mr. P's team. Nobody at soccer league headquarters told him that the boys' games would end up being played at the same time some weeks. Ooooops! Luckily Cam's Dad Keith stepped up to co-coach. The big guys are having as much fun as the little boys. :) Grandpa Keith coached Busy Guy's team the first two games while Cam did Mr. P's games....which were in a different part of town. Grandma Sue and I switched off so we could see one game one week and the switch. So glad for the help!!
I do have some pics of Mr. P's team too and I'll share those soon.
As for me. I LOVE to watch my kids play sports!!! I am not a sports fan and do not EVER watch or follow ANY sporting events. But, I sure love to watch my kids and root for and whoop it up for their team. Go Soccer!!!

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  1. That is great! I love the picture of dad at the bottom, he is so happy! :)



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