Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Have you ever had so much vacation that you needed a break from vacation? Well, I have...and it's great!! I'm exhausted to the bone.

We spent 5 nights at our favorite beach house in Rockaway Beach, OR. Bliss. Great weather....REALLY great weather. Like....sunny no wind wear your swimsuit and try not to complain that it's too hot while sitting on the beach weather...and did I say no wind!! Loved it.
On the way to the beach we stayed overnight in Portland, OR. Cam did a triathlon (it was a sprint length...swim, bike, run) with a friend. Cam was awesome!! He is such a great athlete. He finished 7th in his age group (out of 30 some men).

Back to the beach. We love it there. Ohhhhh....I miss the ocean. Okay, it wasn't Hawaii...but it was nice. Sitting on the beach drinking wine with my hubby. Bliss. I took a zillion pictures of my favorite subject. I bought myself a new camera before we left. It's my graduation gift to myself. :)
We ate lots of yummy food. We went out to a fabulous dinner at Pelican Pub and Brewery. Yummy! The kids got to pick all kinds of junk food....vacation food....junk cereal. We played in the ocean....well, not me...brrrr. We flew our kite...the one day there was enough wind. We walked on the beach....for favorite thing to do. We played games and lounged around...not as much as when we had fewer kids but still more than at home. The wee ones got all grown up and shared a big kid bed. The slept together in a double bed. They were SO good and stayed in bed and snuggled....except the one night Sis was crying because brother bit her. We met a nice family and shared a bonfire on the beach. Turns out they live 20 minutes from us.
Great vacation!! Now, we are gearing up for school...only a few more days!!


  1. I can tell you got a new camera - the colors in these photos is beautiful!

  2. That's where we sat at Pelican Pub! We were just there the end of July.

  3. sounds like such a great vacation! and your pictures are so good! sis is quite a little beauty.

  4. Love, love, love this family and here they all are, happy and laughing and smiling and I am sooo glad you all had a great V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!



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