Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend

It was my 55th birthday yesterday. I love birthdays!!
I've decided to say I am much older than I am. Sound crazy. Here's my reasoning...If I say I'm older (55) then everyone will be in awe of how great I look! ;) If I did what most people do and fib and say I'm 25....everyone will look at me and think "Yikes, she is looking old!". So that's my reasoning.

Okay, the truth is I turned 41. I feel great...and I think I'm holding up pretty well.

Here's my awesome birthday weekend.

Pancakes with the family
Sewing day with my awesome friends. Seriously love my friends so much. What a treat to spend the day sewing and chatting and eating and chatting. God has blessed me with amazing women in my life.
Came home and had dinner with the kids and Cam. I had gotten dinner ready and Cam put it in the oven. Cam had the house clean, table set, kids' church clothes laid out and had bought me an ice cream too! Awesome husband. Blessed I am!! After dinner and dessert he even rubbed my back with lotion. Ohhhhhhh.

I got to spend time with my hubby and kids worshiping God. The best! I love to sit and snuggle my kids and stand with them together.
After church we went to Starbucks for some treats and coffee.
At home Cam built a raging fire to warm me while I read the newspaper in my pj's. Yes, I put them on as soon as we get home on Sundays.
Then off to dinner out. We all got dressed again and went to our favorite place for delicious food, drink, and of course more dessert. :)
After dinner we took a drive to look at Christmas lights. So much fun!
I have a great family and each day with them is such a treat....but the birthday treats were great!

Oh speaking of treats. My gift from Cam and the kids....a telescope to enjoy the amazing view from my bedroom...and stargazing too.

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  1. Happy beginning of the rest of your life! We are so glad you were born!



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