Thursday, December 8, 2011


It's funny when you're in a new house. Where should the tree go, how big should it be? Where should the decorations go? It's been fun to decide and then sit back and see how we like it. We get to have two trees. We put our real tree in the living room and our fake tree up in Cam and I's bedroom. It's so fun to have a tree in our room! Sitting in bed at night and enjoying the tree has been very nice. Plus the neighbors can see it in the windows.

We have been working hard at making lots of new house memories this Christmas season. I love our new house. The kids all love the new house. But, a few of us have mentioned that we do miss the old house. Sounds crazy. We don't miss the size or the location but we miss the feeling. After 8 years I had redone each and every room and it felt like home. Plus all the years of memories. Kids going from babies to toddlers and beyond. Trials and celebrations. I'm very sentimental and attached to things that bring memories. After all I am the gal who wrote this about some furniture. Busy Guy was saying how he missed the old house. I told him we just needed to get a few holidays in the new house under our belt and we would start to feel better. So, we are busy making memories. Busy making our new house our feel good place.

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