Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Doh!

I love Christmas!! I truly do. I didn't use to....but now...I do! No anxiety, no stress. I'm cured. Today is the last day of school and now it's Christmas break! Yeah!! I'm so excited to be home with the kids. No early mornings trying to get Tuba on the the dark...while he's cranky. Whoohoo!
Not only do I love Christmas but I've noticed some other changes in myself. Previously I did not like to entertain more than about 6 people at a time. It was too stressful, too chaotic and not fun for me. But, I got a wild hair and decided to have a Christmas cocktail party this year. And...I loved it. No stress, no anxiety. Just fun!! I can't wait to do it again next year.

I'm really livin' on the edge now! You will not believe this one! I have been letting the kids play Play-Doh...A LOT! Now, my fine friend Erika would say...Are you crazy? Isn't Play-Doh just like bubbles? Well, not quite the same. Bubbles are sticky, slimy, and clear colored so you can't really see all the places they've been spilled. They cause BIG stains in the carpet, you can never get out all the suds! They feel disgusting on my hands. I HATE bubbles!! :) Now, Play-Doh is much better. I like the smell, and it's much easier to clean up. Okay, here's the truth. About 5 years ago Mr. P got Play-Doh for his birthday. Fun, right? No! I was very worried that it would never come out of the carpet. And I most certainly did NOT want the colors mixed...under any circumstances! Flash forward to today, and yesterday and a few days last week. PlayDoh mixed into a million chunks of colorful mess. Kids happily playing Play-Doh.

What is the difference? Well, here are a few theories. You leave your answer in the comments section.

A. I'm crazy
B. They kids have worn me down. I no longer have the energy to care.
C. I'm on meds.
D. All of the above

Let me tell you the real reason. My youngest three will sit and play with PlayDoh for hours, yes hours. And the best part, without me helping....AT ALL!! Glory!! Busy Guy and Baby G will be done after about an hour or so. But, Sis (my wild child) will sit at the table happily singing and making the hugest Play-Doh mess in history....for 3 hours!! 3 fabulous hours!! And my friends I tell you this Play-Doh is easy to clean up! True story. It will come out of all clothes, all carpets. I clean the tools and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the little bits that Sis has tossed in a 10 ft. radius. After it's been on the floor for 3 hours it's nice and dry and comes right off the floor. Then I vacuum the table top off and wipe it with a hot rag (or leave it, put dinner on the table and then wipe just once that night). :) I strip Sis of her clothes and the job is done. 10 minutes of cleanup for hours of sanity! Genius!!

Of course I'm not totally loosey goosey! Heavens no. There are ground rules. 1. You cannot leave the table while playing Play-Doh. 2. When you are done playing you have to take off your pants and socks and give them to me for the laundry. And....3. No fighting, if you fight over a tool then you are done. :)


  1. Maybe I was all wrong. You're just smart :) 3 hours? Anything for 3 hours!

  2. Lol! This makes me laugh...especially when I remember a conversation several years ago over the horror of mixed play dough colors.... :)



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