Monday, November 19, 2012


I've had a great time lately perusing second hand stores. I know lots of people have shopped there for years but I've just caught on. I've always loved yard sales and now I realize the Goodwill and other such shops are just big yard sales...indoors.

I keep a little mental list of things I'm in the market for....picture frames/mats, large serving bowls, scrap books, books, plant pots, extra set of measuring spoons....and on and on.

I picked up some great frames that had nice matting with them. For cheap! Each frame was $1.30!! You can't buy a piece of glass for that price.

I had some lovely drawings that Cam's dad Keith made. Keith is an artist. Well, I've had two of the pieces framed on my bedroom wall and then had another two pieces that needed frames. I decided I'd like to hang them all together above our bed.

I gathered my tools and got to work using my bed as my work bench. Kali the dog was my assistant. Doesn't she look helpful? I took the second-hand frames apart and carefully removed the old photo. Next I placed the new piece onto the mat and put frame back together.
I laid out all four prints onto butcher paper and marked them out in pencil. I carefully measured the space between each print. I also marked where the nails should go. You can't see it so well in the photo but it's there. I then used my level and tape measure to place the butcher paper onto the wall. I poked nails through the paper to mark the wall under it. Then I put nails and hangers up.
I really like the finished product. My new gallery cost me a whopping $2.60. You can click on the photo to take a closer look at each print. They look so nice together. Kali looks very proud of our work.


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  2. Yes, he is an amazing artist and thank you for posting this. PLUS, thank you for taking such good care of his art. I just got back from visiting a friend (with breast cancer) who had a whole wall of Keith's photos of flowers because she called it "her garden".



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