Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Happenings

I'm a bit late posting the Halloween pics. But, in my defense life it busy. AND our computer is hanging by a thread, dying, in other words it STINKS!! It takes hours to accomplish something simple like bill pay at my online back OR uploading photos to Blogger. Ugh!! So irritating! We need to buy a new computer.....but alas no money right now for one. Boo!

Speaking of saving money. My kids were happily pouring over a catalog full of Halloween costumes early in October. Of course they all found several that they had have. Mr. P found one for $60.00! It was THE ONE. Had to have it.

Cam and I broke the news to our little shoppers. There would be no new Halloween costumes this year. Nope. No money for it. Instead we offered Mr. P and Busy Guy $10 each and a free ride to Goodwill. Tuba and Baby George chose one of the many costumes we already own. Sis wanted to be a butterfly and all we needed were some wings.

I took the two boys second hand shopping one Saturday. The bummer of this plan was that ALL of the thrift stores we went to sell brand new costumes too! Expensive alluring distracting costumes. Although my heart was feeling a smidge bad I directed them to the rows of used items...aka...much cheaper items.

Mr. P grumped at first but then he spotted something he really liked! He found some shorts that had been painted with splotches of hand prints in red paint and then had plastic cockroaches glued to them. He LOVED them. They were his size! Next he found some hairy werewolf gloves and a topped it off with a pair of glow in the dark vampire teeth. He called himself a Zombie Werewolf. Very clever! He came in at $9.63.

Busy Guy did not enjoy the second hand shopping day and came home empty handed. He decided he would wear the pirate costume we already own. He then quickly bargained with me to use his $10 on a sword and gun as accessories for the pirate. We found some the day before Halloween on sale. He came in at $3.10.

I found wings for Sis on sale for 75% off. They cost me $3.24. She wore them with a tutu and tights that she owned already. I painted her face...and her fingernails. I bet you didn't know that butterflies have painted nails!

I bought some face paint too. I had some already but needed more black and then bought some ghoulish color for Mr. P's costume. I also bought some brown fabric paint. I didn't like Mr. P's shorts looking like blood. I didn't think they were school appropriate so we covered it up to look like dirt. Still acceptable to Mr. P. I spent about $8.00 total on paints but I have lots left for next year too.

Grand total = $23.97 for 5 costumes! Not bad at tall. Especially considering that is less than just one costume from that beloved catalog.
 We stayed home this year and did Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. A new tradition for us. It was very fun. The rain stopped and it was warm out. The best part to me was getting to see inside people's homes! I loved it. I saw some really beautiful homes.

A fun, fun, night! Now, can you all come over here and help us eat all of the candy?? Please!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You are the queen of budget/bargain shopping. I bow to you! Also, the kids look SO CUTE! Love it. So, so much. Also, also, be careful what you ask for, or I will at your door harassing you for tea and candy. You have been warned! :-)

  2. the dark chocolata(s) for me, please! Also, they looked great and so did Cam in his "do".

  3. Great costumes! We went trick or treating and then Jamie was the candy nazi and made us THROW AWAY almost all of it. I was totally down with Aspen not having any candy but then he looked at me and said "Cinnamon, we can each pick three pieces and the rest is going in the trash. This isn't food and if we bring it in to work we will keep eating it." Nooooooooooo. (I did sneak 2 extra pieces though) ;)

  4. It's okay, Cinn, when I come down I will make you all an apple pie.

  5. Loved the costumes! Good job girl!



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