Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Thank you everyone for your faithful prayers for our sweet Tuba. Each and every comment, phone call and text to me was so helpful. Thank you for your love and kindness.

Things are going well! We saw the neurosurgeon today and he agreed that Tuba needs the battery changed right away. Yeah!! I didn't have to beg, cry, or freak out. Bonus. Believe me this morning I was wondering which of these strategies would make the biggest impact. Thankfully none of them were needed.

Surgery will be this Friday at noon. This is great for so many reasons. 1. It's very soon, 2. Cam is already off work so won't miss any more days, 3. We will have lots of left overs and can come home to food already made, 4. Tuba won't miss any school and will have a long weekend to recover. So Thankful!

There's so much to give thanks for. Cam's dad came over to our house the other night and gave us a HUGE check to pay our medical debt. Whoa! At first Cam tried protesting and then Keith argued back. This all made me so nervous I fled to the kitchen and shoveled snicker doodle cookies into my mouth. We are so thankful and humbled by this generous gift.

On the drive home from the Children's hospital today I was thanking God and spending some time praying for others.

I'm thankful for my kids. The fact that three of them have needed surgery this year is reason to be thankful too. They were relatively easy day surgeries. We have insurance. We have access to good medical care. We live within 30 miles of a top class pediatric hospital. The mom I met today who was crabby. Her child is very sick and they are from another state living at Ronald McDonald House. I'm thankful that we have a car. We get to drive on beautiful freeways (anyone who has ever traveled in the third world know the beauty of this), We have Grandma Sue living 3 blocks away and always willing to watch kids, My husband, so thankful for him. He is working extra long day today and then is willing to go pick up Tuba's prescriptions tonight on his way home so that I could come home and make pies. I'm thankfully at home now in cozy flannel pj and enjoying life.

I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you again to my family and friends for your loyal support and prayers. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. Thankful to be here, thankful to be able to help, thankiful for ALL my family, thankful for good health and agility and the ability to write. My prayer, everyday is, "Thank you for my life. Thank you for my future."

  2. PS Also Thankful to be able to telephone my 90 year old mother, text my sister-in-law (and family) and to SKYPE with Cin for half an hour this morning. Soooo fun!

  3. Praise about the sooner-than-expected surgery. Will pray all goes well and he has a quick and full recovery. Keep us posted as you can.

    Carrie T. - mom to 4 from Korea, including our daughter with special needs not completely unlike Tuba's (but no seizures)



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