Monday, November 26, 2012

VNS is in...

Update on Tuba. The surgery went great! We were just waking up Friday morning, enjoying a hot cup of tea/coffee when the phone rang. The hospital wanted us to come in as soon as possible.They had a schedule change. Fine with us...especially since Tuba couldn't eat before the surgery. The earlier the better.
The photo was taken while we waited for the surgery to start. I got out some bubbles to entertain Tuba. Yes, I get a Mother of The Year Award. You know how I hate bubbles. I even opened them and blew a few bubbles before I got completely sicked out! Ack!! I quick handed them off to Tuba and went to wash my hands. Besides, Tuba is way better at it than me.
He has such a grand time. Cam and I sat watching him and getting teary. Then Cam made the comment that Tuba is truly a gift from God. Indeed he is! I got all blubbery after that. It was a fun time.
And the best news.....NO, NO, NO seizures since the VNS battery replacement!! Woot! Thank you everyone for your prayers. Thank you God.


  1. Wonderful news! Yeah, Jesus!

    Carrie T.

  2. I did laugh and laugh when I saw the truly are the mother of the year. :) LOL

  3. I am so happy that the VNS is in and all is well. What a blessing. And I thought I was the only Mama who thought bubbles were a sticky (but fun) mess :) I agree with Grandma Sue... You are mother of the year. Have a Blessed Holy Day Season !



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