Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Use It - Toys

The day was looooooong, the kids were wild, I was tired, did I say the day was long? Suddenly, I had an idea. I decided to get out my Barbie dolls for Sis to play with. I sent the big boys off to have some screen time (AKA sanity saver for mom).
I have a bunch of my dolls and old toys in a Hope Chest. I took out these dolls and some clothes for Sis to play with. Baby George was also interested in playing. The kids were so excited with a "new" toy.
It was really fun to look at all it! It made me smile. Sis thought the dolls were gorgeous! Well, they are very a 70's disco kind of way.
I neatly french braided this doll's hair before putting her away in the chest. Isn't she lovely? Gold pants suit with a cape. Ohhhhhh.
I wondered if I should let the kids play with them. Would they ruin them or lose them? In the end I decided....Just Use It!
I did however keep all of the small combs, shoes, and accessories in the Hope Chest for when Sis is bigger. It says volumes about the kind of girl I was that I have ALL of the accessories that go with each doll. They are all neatly packed into little Barbie suitcases. :)
It's now been a couple of months since I took the dolls out. The clothes have all been taken off and scattered around Sis's room. They have all had lots of baths and hair washes in the tub. And...only one earring is missing. I'm trying not to feel stressed about it....trying.
Here's my two cents on Barbie:
I grew up playing with Barbie. I loved it. I have so many great memories. I recognize that Barbie's proportions are not real-life. But, neither are any of the Super Heroes. I do not think that my daughter's self worth and body image will be damaged by playing with Barbie. Sis has lots of interests and plays with lots of other toys. And yes, she has a brown skinned Barbie too. I do think that how I perceive my body and others in our about, complain about, appreciate...etc.) is what will impact my daughter...and sons' body image.
Just my two cents.

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