Friday, June 14, 2013

A Little Wonky

This beautiful Sea Star is from our local beach. I took the photo on a field trip with Busy Guy. 

It's that end of the school year crazy busy time. Why do so many things happen this time of year. I tell ya...I'm hanging on by a made of silly colored...just because.

Yesterday's morning pretty much sums up my life right now.

Tuba's bus leaves and I sit down with Busy Guy to read his book. Yes, homework is still happening. I'm pretending to think this is GREAT! Tax payers, you are getting your money's worth!! Teachers (at least my kids') are teaching up to the last second.

So after reading and answering questions I start breakfast and then ask Busy Guy about lunch. He makes the wonderful announcement that pizza is on the lunch menu and he wants to have it! Alleluia!! I just earned some precious time because I won't have to pack lunches for two boys. Yeah. I assumed that Mr. P would also want pizza. C'mon...what kid wouldn't?

I sit down and read paper and drink my tea....lazily.

With three kids still sleeping I realize that I need to wake them and get moving. After waking sleepy heads I check my preschoolers' calendars to make sure they don't need any show and tell. Yike! No show and tell but they need SACK LUNCHES!! I quickly make two lunches....pb&
js, Cheetos (world's best mom for buying these for a field trip), and water bottles (since I'm out of drink boxes of chocolate milk)...and I should say that Sis had to go outside and into the playhouse to find her water bottle, and fruit. Ta-da!

About this time Mr. P wanders in and protests having school lunch pizza. Oh no! He wants a lunch. I make him a lunch.

Cripes!! I then realize that the preschool doesn't allow peanut butter. So I quickly make Sis a cheese sandwich and after George loudly protests to cheese sandwich I pack him a yogurt and spoon.

As I'm rushing around the kitchen I quickly take one more look at the school calendars. Now I notice that only Sis needs a sack lunch and George does not!

At this point I'm standing in my nightgown with dirty hair and I am now late. I now have 2 sandwiches and an entire lunch that nobody needs. Brilliant.

I wearily wandered upstairs to get dressed and head out for our day.

Only 1 more day of school....I can do it...I can make it...

This is of course the same mantra I will be saying at the end of summer...only in reverse.


  1. I feel for ya, except we are way ahead of you. My kiddos got out almost an entire month ago, in this part of the country. But it was a mad dash for us too, right up to the finish line. :-) Enjoy your summer!

    Carrie T.

  2. It is great that you look forward summer break. So many parents don't! Enjoy your summer...I happen to know there's a LOT on your calendar. Swimming, Tai, travel, etc., etc. :)



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