Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Explore For Free

We have been taking advantage of the numerous things to do in our area....that are free! As the weather warms up we can find lots of things to do outside.

We headed into the city and explored a sculpture park. It was sunny and warm with a view of the water and the city scape. There were beautiful walkways and lots of sculptures to see. 

And flowers to pick.

Since this was a free activity I made lunch at home and made sure everyone was nice and full before we left. Of course one hour later I had kids complaining of hunger, dying of thirst AND in need of restrooms. Ugh! 

I felt like a rookie parent. In order to keep it a free activity I should have packed water bottles and snacks. Considering it was hard to find a restroom I wondered if I should pack a few pull-ups.....just kidding (only because the kids over-ruled me).

After listening to oodles of whining I broke down and bought the kids Italian sodas. It was amazing the transformation that occurred. Frowns to smiles, lethargic complainers into bouncy cheerful kids! It was worth the $12.00.


  1. treats are a way of saying,"this is special and important to celebrate." And family is that Good for you! (please tell me you and Cam also got to "celebrate."

  2. Where is that fountain?



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