Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day! A day to celebrate the dad. We packed a picnic and took it and our bikes to church with us. After church we went to the park and ate and then set off on a bike ride on our favorite trail. The weather was perfect!

The scenery was beautiful. Lots of birds and butterflies passing us overhead. I did see a snake though! Yuck!! Lucky for the snake he was off the path on some rocks and then slithered into hiding. Ewwwww! It gives me a shiver to think about it again. 

We haven't ridden too much this season yet. I was so tired pulling these two HUGE kids in my trailer. Cam (who is in awesome shape any season) took Sis into his trailer with Tuba. What a guy!

Sis is actually really close to riding on her own. I bet she will be doing it before summer is over. Next summer I hope to be pulling only my own weight...which is plenty.

We had a lovely day. We are lucky to have an amazing man in our lives....husband and father to us. 

Speaking of Cam and his awesomeness. Cam was voted Nurse of The Year by the Department of Surgery at his hospital. We attended a banquet last week where he was honored. He truly is an amazing Nurse Practitioner and a gem to both patients and co-workers. It was nice for him to be recognized for his hard work. 

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