Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Freebie Day

We had another fun adventure. Free Adventure...a Freeventure! Our town has an annual car show. We took the kids to see the cars (and burn off some energy walking around town). The weather was drizzly but kind of muggy. 

The kids all loved the cars. There were hundreds of them. We walked around for over an hour and only saw maybe half of them. 

I was especially thrilled looking at all the meticulously clean interiors and engines. Wow! These cars had some uber-anal clean freaks as owner....just my kind of people! I wanted to get all of their car detailing tips but I was afraid they would start with Do Not Let Children Ride In The Vehicle. 

Yes, I deserve Mother of The Year Award for this...because I let her wear it. Sis picked out this flashy ensemble herself. She fit right in with all those over the top paint jobs. 

After the car show we took the kids out for pizza. A local place has half price lunch. Plus, they have a nice fireplace AND free video games. Free!!

After lunch we took the family to walk through an arboretum. We had never been and it was on our list of things to do/see. Beautiful! We will definitely be back in the summer for a picnic.

We had the whole place to ourselves. The kids ran around while Cam and I strolled and looked at the plants and trees.

Fun, fun day for the cost of pizza, soda and two beers $38.00. Happy Day! 

What are your favorite free activities to do? Leave it in the comments.


  1. Looks like fun! In the summer Flagstaff has free concerts in the park on Wednesday nights, which is tonight. I packed a picnic dinner and Sprout and I hung out with friends and listened to the bluegrass. (Well, I listened, Aspen played with bazillion hula hoops and kids that were running all over the place).

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love the library. Not only Everett's but also UW's and many of the Sno-Ilse libraries. Sometimes I love going into the hospitals to look at THEIR museum spots. I love lunch (okay not free but usually very reasonable) with a friend. I love walking the parks. I love going to art, there, anywhere. The Frye museum in Seattle is free. I love museums of all kind. And, yes, I love spending visit time with friends and with family.



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