Monday, June 24, 2013

I forgot

I forgot a few things about summer vacation.

I've had no time to blog because.....

The kids eat ALL day long!!

Tuba walks around the house saying "". He loves to listen to the washing machine go around....and he loves food.

George wants a meal every 30 minutes.

My food supply looks like a bunch of locusts went through the cupboards. Oh, that's right....they did. Kid locusts.

I was planning a summer of relaxing leisure but now I know I'm facing a summer as a cook.

Plus, we've had lots of rain....this is normal for June in our part of the world. It doesn't get sunny consistently until after the 4th of July. I forgot this part of summer too.

We spent one day last week at the library. Another FREE activity! I took the kids out for a treat on the way there. Okay, the donuts weren't free but for $10 we each had a yummy treat. Coffee for me and sugar for the kids.

The kids checked out over 50 books. So the rest of the rainy day was spent reading books. The kids are participating in the library's summer reading program. Due to all the rain the kids have had a very good start (and near finish) on recording all their reading hours.

Today is rain again...and wind...and cold. So, more reading and eating for us. 


  1. You made me laugh...and miss the kidlets ALOT. I will have to help make food (actually, Gramma treats) when I get back....

  2. What happened to the 'Like' button?

    I like all the photos and stories, makes it so I can see how your life is going from a distance.




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