Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Homecoming Duke

We have had an amazingly busy and fun week!! Last week was Homecoming at Tuba's High School!! For the first time in the history of Homecoming the school decided to include kids from the Special Education program!! Tuba and his friend were selected to be on the court. They were Dukes! 

At first I wasn't sure how much Tuba would want to participate in the festivities. But, he surprised me as the week went on and he was VERY excited to be included. The first activity was a pep assembly/talent show. Tuba's education assistant Anne made the boys the most fabulous cars as their costumes. The theme of Homecoming was Disney so the boys were from the movie Cars. Tuba LOVES his red car....working headlights and all! 

I took the kids out of school to go watch the show. They were so thrilled to get to see Tuba! When the boys were introduced the music blaring was Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts. The announcer asked everyone to stand and cheer for the boys. The crowd was so loud! The boys walked down the aisle of the auditorium and onto the stage. I. Was. Bawling. 

Each rehearsal or homecoming meeting that Tuba attended he became more excited and more willing to participate. On Friday was the coronation assembly. 

Cam took the day off of work and we took the kids out of school again. Tuba LOVES a tux and was so thrilled to get all spiffed up. Shiny shoes are his favorite. 

Once again as the boys were announced the crowd went wild. Cam was yelling, "that's my boy" and another started high fiving him. It was SO much fun. Tuba loved it! He was escorted by a cheerleader. Loved that too!

Our local news channel came to the school to film the story. It was very exciting. I knew the camera was on our family so I tried not to do The Ugly Cry. After the coronation the news anchor interview me for the story. If you'd like to see the story I'll send you the link. It's AWESOME!! For privacy concerns I didn't want to post the link here in cyberspace. Just leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the link. Or, if you know where we live you can google Special Homecoming with our local city and you'll find it. The story has so far been shared almost 2,000 times!! Really a beautiful story. Get yourself a Kleenex!

On Friday night the Homecoming Court is announced at the football game. This is THE only time you will find me at a football game. ;) Grandma Barb and my sister Jayme and her two kids were able to join us. It was fun!! No need to watch football with so many fun people to talk to!

Here is Tuba's awesome EA Anne. She is an angel! Seriously God has sent this woman to us and she blesses our life every day!!

The pic is blurry but it gives me such great memories. As we walked across the field the band members were lined up on both sides of us. The kids started cheering for Tuba and Casey. The yelled out, "you look great, good job" and other kind things. It made Cam and I cry....again.

Casey was escorted by he and Tuba's teacher and her husband. They rock!!

The dance was on Saturday night. Tuba had a wonderful time. 

He loves to dance and dance he did!! 

I love the smile on Casey's face.

The girl in the hot pink and black stripe dress was also on the court. She is the kindest girl. All during the week she went out of her way to include Tuba. She radiates joy and kindness. A beautiful girl inside and out!

Whew!! What a week!! I haven't cried so much in one I don't know how long. My poor eyes were swollen and red most of the week. I don't even know how to explain how much this week means to Cam and I. We want our special boy to be loved and included and that is exactly what happened. I had anxiety and worries that he would fall apart in front of the school. But, he did great. I had so many emotions during the week that came pouring out in tears and laughter. It was a special special week and I'm so glad that Tuba got this opportunity. Tuba loved the whole week! 

You go Duke Tuba! Keep surprising me and showing me how to live!!


  1. I have been waiting for this post...the week was wonderful and I have never been to a pep rally as cohesive and creative as the one on Monday. Amazing. And I loved the "skits" every single member of the court gave. The Friday coronation was also just so touching. The court members were great, the escorts were great, the parents were great. It was a pleasure to be there!!

  2. I would love to see the footage from the local news show! My email is Love the pictures. What a handsome fella you have!!

    Carrie T.

  3. Such a special honor for Tuba and his family. Loved everything about this week- I
    will never forget it!

  4. I. Love. This.
    You have an amazing family!



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