Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sis is 6!!

We had another birthday in the house. Sis turned the big HUGE 6!! She was so, so, SO excited for her birthday. She planned the whole day's activities.

She wanted a confetti cake. We searched Pinterest for the perfect cake and recipe. 

As the cake was cooking I could smell something burning. Uh-oh!! Alert-alert!! The cake batter was pouring out of the pans like hot lava and sizzling in the bottom of the oven. Panic! 

I sent Cam off to the store to buy a cake mix. I don't like cake mix but I was desperate!!

He arrived home from the store to find this. Sorry! After cutting off the crispy burned edge it actually turned out good. The taste was fabulous! Next time I will put the batter into three pans....and now I have a back-up cake mix on hand. Win!

The finished cake looked so sweet. Sis loved it!

First thing the morning of Sis's birthday Cam went and picked up her new bike. We got a great deal on a new (to her) bike off of Craigslist. 

Then we all piled in the van and headed for a ferry ride. It's what the b-day girl wanted. We drove onto the ferry so we could go out for pizza at our favorite spot on the other side. 

Another ferry ride home and then off to the movies! We saw Frozen. It was awesome!! I loved it! Sis loved it! The boys loved it too....but they have to be manly and pretend that it was just okay since it was a lot of girls singing. But, I loved it! Sis is singing all the songs from the movie now. You've got to see it!

After the movie we came home for cake! Whew!! What a fun and busy day celebrating our mighty girl. 

Sis, you are energetic and fun! You cartwheel through the day while singing. You love to draw and write words. You love to play with your Barbies and you also love Legos. You are such a good "little mama" to your brothers too. You have a kind heart and are a good friend. We love you spirited girl. Happy Birthday!


  1. This is the perfect example of family - memories, and yummy eats! Love the photos - thank you so much for posting!

  2. Happy Birthday to a beautiful young girl!!!
    Wish I'd been there for some of that cake, it looked really good.



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