Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow Day!

We were lucky to have one snow day. The Friday before the Christmas break it snowed and school was cancelled. Yeah!! The kids were as excited as I was.

We don't get snow very often so when it happens it's a big deal. For me it means digging through bins of snow clothes and figuring out what fits who and what we need. Facebook has been a great place to swap too small snow clothes with other families! Bonus!

The littlest two headed out to the backyard to play while the older two boys went down to the park to sled with neighborhood kids. They are getting so grown up! 
Tuba stays in with me. :)

After getting good and cold for a couple of hours they all came in for hot cocoa with marshmallows AND candy canes. What a treat!!

The snow was gone by the next day. So glad they got to enjoy it while it lasted. 

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