Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids Bathroom

I've been nervous and stressed with the details of selling our rental house. Ack!! I'm not a good in terrible at waiting. Yesterday I had a bad case of nerves, plus I had PMS....AND I was really hungry.....for candy. I decided to put my nervous energy to good use and avoid shoveling candy down my throat.

The kids' bathroom was in need of a good cleaning. Really, when isn't that room in need of a good cleaning? Every time I go in there I find clothes on the floor, toilet seat up and/or the toilet unflushed, garbage spilling over the can, toothpaste and toothbrushes out on counter lying in globs of water and toothpaste, wet towels on floor and counter....or better yet no hand towel to be found at all. I should have taken a "before" photo. It was gross.

I got cleaning and scrubbing and then went a bit further. I decided each child should have their own drawer. Instead of all the tooth brushing items in one drawer I would spread it out among each child. When you have more than a couple of kids it is hard give each child very much that only belongs to them. But, I could give each their own drawer and supplies. Plus, then I would know who did not push the drawer in and clean up.

I got out my label maker and printed each child's name and affixed it to the top of the drawer. I put that child's toothbrush into the drawer along with their own tube of toothpaste, box of floss and any other grooming items they use.  I used a sharpie marker to put names on the toothpaste, toothbrushes and other items.

After that I got on a roll and decided to clean out and organize the linen closet and shelves too. I threw out old junk, put items away where they belong and re-organized the stuff.

The bottom section of the cupboard holds a laundry basket. Now if the kids (and Cam) will actually open the door to place dirty items in the bin instead of throwing them onto the floor in front of the door. Please?!


  1. Nice work! Looks beautiful, now you want to help me with mine :-)

  2. That is THE cutest owl hanging on the wall! :) I have a t.v./genealogy room that is just calling out your name. The kids must be thrilled to have their own supplies and drawers. As the eldest of five, I got awfully tired of tidying/cleaning up everyone else's mess--especially the toothpaste gunk.-----Smart mom!

  3. P.S. Yes, it really is the middle of the night on a school night when I am posting this. I am up late working on your child's (the class') report card(s)! :)

  4. Good use of PMS - wish I'd ever been able to do that because usually I headed outside - and not to do yard work! Anyway, as for the "hitting the dirty clothes bin" Maybe you could give a treat to the person with the most dirty clothes actually in it!
    Or the person with the most dirty clothes OUTSIDE it has to help with laundry. Okay, I'm out of ideas. Love you and please keep trying to not fret. I truly believe things will work out for your 2nd house.



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