Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year Slice

Outside My Window - It's foggy and cold and grey. I'm in the mood for some sunshine but...nope none today. Spring is coming though. My daffodils are coming up and the trees have some buds.

I Am Thinking - About how we really need our rental house to sell. We are looking forward to having it gone. Taking care of one house is enough for me. We plan to pay off some debt and that will make our monthly finances much more doable.

I Am Thankful - For antibiotics...and for feeling well. Nothing makes you appreciate feeling good like recovering from illness. I had a terrible bladder infection. I was on antibiotics for a whole day but was getting worse and worse. My Dr. called in a new prescription for me and I did start to get better but slowly. I had a horrific headache with bad ache behind my eyes. I had the yucky creepy shivers and general yuck feeling that accompanies a fever. Plus all the owie pain that normally goes along with a bladder infection. Cam had a lot going on at work and worked two 13 hour days in a row while I was sick. On Friday he was able to get off a bit early and take kids to basketball. Yeah! I'm on the mend now and hope I don't feel like that ever again. My New Year's resolution should be to get pee on a regular basis. Seriously, I drink a lot of water but I hold my pee too long. It's a bad habit....a busy mom problem but I need to stop.

From The Kitchen - I'm not sure what to make for dinner....and it's getting late. It's 3:44 as I write this. Maybe left over rotisserie chicken and coleslaw for Cam and I and grilled cheese for the kids?

I Am Wearing -  Old navy blue sweats, white T-shirt, purple hoodie, socks and of course slippers. The kids had no school today. It's a comfy cozy casual day. The only reason I'm out of pi's is because we went to the library.

I Am Creating - Piles for taxes. Exciting huh? It's that time of year to get organized and prep all the papers. I do our taxes and they are not easy or fun. But, I'm too cheap to pay someone $400 to plug all the numbers into software for me. Cam will take the kids out of the house for the afternoon....or day and I'll get to work. It's such a relief when they are done.

I Am Going - To read the kids new books from the library. Taking the kids to the library is still one of my favorite things. They all come home and sit with their new books....quietly. Peace.

I Am Reading - Book club is this week and I'll get a new book title to read. Last month I read City of Thieves. It was good!

I Am Hoping - That all of my kids eventually play basketball. Mr. P and Moses are both on teams this year. I LOVE watching my boys play. It's such an exciting it's indoors!! 

I Am Hearing - Sis is singing and humming while coloring. Mr. P is laying on sofa reading and I occasionally hear him turn the page. Moses is tapping his foot and humming along with Sis.

I Am Laughing At - We watched old videos of the kids the other night. There were so many cute ones. We have some funny kids. For a good laugh try this one of Moses.

Around The House - Dust bunnies are flying. After being sick I am way behind on my floor cleaning. Oh well, I will get to it eventually. 

One Of My Favorite Things - My dog Kali. She is the sweetest girl. She loves to snuggle me, follow me around, and go in the car with me anywhere. She's laying next to me while I type. 

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing - 


  1. I think it is so nice that you have quiet in your house- enough to hear Sis humming and Mr. P turning pages in a book. Most families have the TV blaring (my house)and video games going
    24/7. The value of a peaceful life learned young has to be a great gift for your kids!

  2. I agree with Grandma Barb - the silence brings such an opportunity for imagination and reflection and peace. I am sorry you have been sick..obviously you were made to teach elementary school because I don't think the teachers EVER get to go potty. But you do need to practice that skillset. Maybe schedule yourself to try every time you fill your water glass. I know, too much bossing (but in a loving way) And you can always call Grampa K to help cart kids. Love you!
    (and feel free to not post and/or edit any of this)

  3. Great post, and I love love love the video "Guitar Star" - so cute!



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