Thursday, January 16, 2014

Toe In

I've neglected my blog for so long now that I don't know quite how to begin again. The last has been a blur. Birthdays and holidays and school break and many adventures.

I'll begin small and then once I get going it will all come tumbling out. If you miss Christmas already, well then you are in luck and can experience it all here again.

My 43rd birthday has come and gone. So fun! I love my birthday. In our house birthdays are BIG deals and everyone looks forward to each other's big day. It only comes once a year ya know?!

My big day falls in the midst of Christmas chaos magic so shopping for me can be a bit tricky. Cam and I sat and did some quick online favorite kind. I wanted a new warm coat and viola, that is what I got. I love and down and warm!! 

The best part of my fun day is spending it with my favorite people! I got to have breakfast with my darling sweet girlfriend Anne. Then I did a bit of shopping and spent my birthday money from my in-laws on a new scarf and earrings. 

We are pinching pennies due to selling our rental house and the whole "paying two mortgages" business so we had dinner at home. I made flank steak and Caesar salad. Delicious!!

Cam built a roaring fire in the fireplace and we all snuggled up together. Cam and I enjoyed a nice beer.

The best gift of all was this amazing sunset. What a beauty! The view from our bedroom window facing the Olympic mountains. 

It was a fabulous day and it will be a fabulous year! I'm working on a bucket list of things I want to do while I'm 43. Any suggestions?

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  1. I read an interesting article about "resolutions" and bucket list...the idea is to mostly start small and add as you go along. And don't get caught up in "I missed a step" because tomorrow is another opportunity. Oh, and how the heckyity-heck can you be in your forties? Not possible for someone as drop-dead smart and gorgeous.



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