Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling Free

More about selling our rental house....and a few oldie but goody pictures that make me feel free!

The flip side of feeling a bit of sadness is that I'm also feeling FREE! We are free of worry over the house. No longer do I have to think about the gutters and roof. No longer do I worry if the floors are being ruined. No longer do I have to collect the rent and deposit the check or renew the lease. No more!! Party dance!!

Also, there is a feeling of peace that comes with paying off debt. Whoooosh! It's an amazing feeling. We were able to pay off our credit cards. Yipeeeeeee Yahoooooo! Wow, what a good feeling. We are committed to NOT using the credit cards at all anymore. Our new mantra, "If you can't pay cash, you can't buy it".

Here's a confession for you. Last summer we went on vacation to our beloved OR coast. Truthfully we couldn't afford the vacation. We put the vacation on a credit card. I have to tell you that it wasn't the most relaxing vacation. I had a feeling of unease the entire trip. When I got real with myself I had to admit that charging the vacation was the root of my feelings.

This has happened other times too. It's been clothes, or dinner out, or any number of things I didn't need.  I'm getting more in tune with myself and listening to that feeling. It's my conscious telling me no....and at 43 years old I think it's time to listen.

Other than less bills to pay what is to be gained? Peace....I gain peace when I listen to that nagging feeling. It's an amazing feeling to pay cash for things. To truly celebrate we just booked our summer vacation....of course at the OR coast and we paid cash. Woot!! What a feeling!

It's a great thing to get our finances in order. We are weighing our options on a couple of other things to pay off too, AND...putting money in savings. Wow! So responsible!

Feeling free and at peace. It's a good thing.

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  1. Paying off debt is a wonderful feeling, I agree. Life should be about the truly important things vs. worrying about debt. God doesn't want us to live like that! Very proud of you guys for realizing this at such a young age. We still use our credit cards each month for whatever we can and then pay it off at the end of each month. We still budget and never use it without knowing we have to pay it off at the end of the month. That way we get air miles so when we live in AZ we can come visit more often. :)



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