Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Holy Friday Lamentations

The tomb where Christ was laid. We process around the outside of our church with the tomb. It is held in the air as we pass under it and back into the building.

The service on Friday night was beautiful. The girls are myrrh bearing girls and sprinkle flowers all over the church. Last year Sis did this...but this year she didn't want to. No amount of asking/pleading/bribing would convince her. 

She was happy to hold a candle though.

George too.

Moses and Patrick served as acolytes all week....tues., wed., thurs., fri., sat. am and pm service! They were amazing!! 

Moses holding his patron saint icon Moses of Ethiopia.


  1. This brought such a lump in my throat - especially the picture of acolyte Moses holding his patron saint. I can only be thankful for your family.

  2. Your children (my fabulous grandchildren!!!) are so good during these long services, I'm very proud of them. Beautiful photos!



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