Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break

We had a lovely time on Spring Break. A much needed break. We got out of town and stayed at a beautiful farm house in Sequim, WA. It's in the rain shadow of the Olympic less rain. Yeah! We had beautiful weather....sun!

The house had an amazing covered porch. We sat out and enjoyed the sun while watching the kids play and ride bikes. There were chickens and a peacock too. I have to say that the peacock is my new favorite animal. The shrieking sound he makes really cracked me up. I'd burst out laughing every time. Cam has nixed any ideas I had of getting my very own peacock. Sheesh! Maybe I can download a peacock shriek ring tone for my iPhone?

My favorite view is of the ocean but my second fav is of green grass and rolling pastures. This setting was ideal. The house was very secluded and had a long private driveway that the kids could ride bikes on. There was lots of grass to run around and play in too. The lavender isn't in bloom until summer but it was still pretty.

The house had a hot tub. I no longer count this as a bonus item. It sounds nice...sitting and relaxing in hot water....right? But, add five big kids and a bigger husband and then get splashed 75 trillion times in the face with chemical smelly water. Then get 7 people out and dried and towels and suits hung up and water off floor dried up and then lotion up because the chemicals made you so dry you are itchy......enough said. Next time we stay here I'll tell the kids the hot tub is broken. 

We planned to cycle a lot on this trip. The Olympic Discovery Trail is very close to the farm. But...we didn't realize there is a very busy road between the two. Darn. In the end we packed up the bikes and headed to the trail head. The kids did well on the trail and we got to show them our favorite bridge.

One of my favorite things we did is go for a long walk. I had a nice glass of wine in hand and we meandered around looking at houses and the scenery. Sis and George found a horse and fed him grass. Very fun...and I have photos of it on Cam's phone....shoot....he will have to send them to me. Sis is a HUGE horse/animal lover. She asked if she can PLEASE have a horse this summer and keep him in our backyard. 

Another day we went to the beach. It was cold but still beautiful. The kids had a great time. They stood very still and posed politely for me to capture this pic. 

The best part of the trip was watching the kids play. There was a TV and even cable at the house but the outdoors called. They climbed trees, played catch, wrestled in the grass, and rode bikes. It was so fun. 

The only problem with the trip was that it was too short. 


  1. Lovely - thanks for the sharing! Yes, next time go for a week! I would suggest two weeks but know that isn't possible - yet. You provide such lovely memories for your children.

  2. Glad everybody had fun and I love the pictures!



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