Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Holy Saturday

The morning liturgy on Holy Saturday is my favorite service of the year! Christ is trampling down death in His decent into Hades. The colors go from purple to white in the nave. The bells are rung and the priest throws bay leaves in triumph.

Every year we take a family photo on Holy Friday. Well, this year Cam had to work late and it couldn't happen until Saturday morning. We got ready with a few minutes to spare so we could assemble and get the shot. Really it's only me that wants the photo...the rest of my crew just indulges me.

Here's the first year we started our photo tradition. Look how we have all changed!

Here's a link to all of the yearly photos. PHOTOS

When I look at this photo I notice that the shirt Tuba is wearing now fits Patrick and the one Patrick is wearing is now Moses's shirt. Oh I love Sissy's sweet dress and hair...and I'd love to hold my sweet squishy George again. 

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