Thursday, April 17, 2014

Palm Sunday 2014

I have affectionately....and exasperatedly called Palm Sunday, "Poke you mom's eye out Sunday". Nothing like standing in close proximity to five kids holding palms....waving palms...swinging, swaying, dancing, sword fighting with palms. This year Moses made little crosses out of the leaves. He watched some of the older kids making them and then did it himself.

It is a lovely service. Hosanna in the highest!


  1. The kids at our church were doing the same thing “…waving palms...swinging, swaying, dancing, sword fighting with palms”, it makes me smile to watch them. Indeed “Hosanna in the highest!”

  2. I remember Palm Sunday well as a child. It was so great to have something tangible to hold in my hand and helped me to see Christianity was based on actual events. It just made it so much more "real" for me. My mom would take them and braid them into a sort of 3-D triangle shape and then would hang them above the picture of the Last Supper we had in our dining room. They would dry and be there all year as a reminder of this special event. Then the next year, that palm was replaced with a new green one. She never just threw the old one away in the garbage but it was burned because it had been bleassed and was holy. I miss the traditons my mother taught me, and my mother, the most at Easter. I am proud to see that you are teaching your little ones faith and tradition. Traditon to me is so comforting as an adult.
    P.S. We would have had our ears twisted off if we had used our palms as swords, lol.



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