Monday, November 17, 2014

Moses Update

Moses is a character. On crazy hair day he decided he didn't want me to spray his hair blue like the other kids. Instead he came out wearing this wig. It was a hoot! 

I described Moses as "always prepared, very organized and an on task student" to his teacher at the beginning of the year. At conferences she told me that I was exactly right. He is doing very well in academics. He is reading above grade level and tested high in math also. Most importantly he is kind to others. He is a very good friend. Moses is the kind of kid that goes with the flow, both with friends and with siblings. He's easy going and has fun whether it's the exact game he wanted to play...or not. 

At the OR coast he picked out these sun glasses. They are PERFECT on him. He looks like the star he is. He likes to have all the cool accessories...hats, gloves, sunglasses, he also likes cool socks. He'd be happy to have an iPhone to go with his wallet.

Moses was the assistant coach for his younger brother's soccer team this year. He was an awesome help for Cam! He helped run drills and chase wayward balls. It's renewed his interest in soccer and now he wants to play year.

He will be starting basketball soon. This will be his second season. I LOVE to watch him play. He is the stealth player. Out of nowhere he will quickly throw up a shot and make it. Can't wait to see his skill set build this year. He is a great sport too!

He also attends TKD and is working towards his second degree black belt. AND...over summer he gained a lot of skill in swimming. He's very athletic and loves to ride his scooter, and bike....and a skateboard is on his Christmas wish list.

I bought this beautiful hand knit shawl. It was knit by women at the Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Moses was thrilled to hear about the women and he loves to snuggle in the quilt. He is excited to visit Ethiopia one day. 


  1. Ah, the position of "middle kid" can be difficult for some but not Moses! He is the "just ask and I'll help you" child who can find ANYTHING and is so observant. His sense of humor is sneaky - you have to really listen to hear his "asides" and his memory is amazing. He can recite, word for word, a scene from a movie or conversation. Oh, and did I mention, his hugs are great!

  2. Can I call dibs on your boys? ;)



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