Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brave Girl

Our little girl is one brave girl. She is tough. She is determined. She is pint sized dynamite! She torments....ummmm....I mean loves our kitty. Actually, our kitty is not the friendliest cat. I often get bit on the foot during the night. My great offence is turning over and moving my leg. She is often called Kitty Brat. So, needless to say she isn't very tolerant of the kids. She likes Mr. P the best and will occasionally snuggle on the lap of any kid sitting to watch TV. Sis of course LOVES the kitty and relentlessly chases her around the house....pulls her out from under beds...kisses and hugs her a bit too tight. On this fine morning Sis was combing the kitty's hair. It was amazing that Kitty Brat held still for as long as she did. Good Kitty!


  1. That is hilarious. You just described my little girl. Our cat is much more tolerant and as a kitten let Zo carry her around. Zo will hunt the kitty down in order to pet/hug (aka: squeeze and choke) her.

    These two girls gotta meet!!

  2. So cute! This is like Nora and our (not so nice) kitty as well.



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