Thursday, March 19, 2015

Art Docent Georgia O'Keefe Flowers

One more Art Docent post to get me caught up. We learned about the American artist Georgia O'Keefe and then made O'Keefe style flowers. The flowers were done in chalk on black construction paper. 

They turned out AMAZING!!! 

I had to show you which flower Mr. P drew. Isn't it lovely....and frame worthy! The pic below is just a fun one of him with his good buddy. 


  1. Oh, wow, the school (and students) are SO lucky to have you "pushing your boundaries" - Man!! If that top photo (of many flowers on the wall) were made into cards I would buy a dozen of them!! Thank you for the posting, dear Art Docent.

  2. Love the art! Those kids have talent ...especially my Mr. P



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