Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuba News

Tuba is loving his first "job" this year. The above pic was taken at his job. He is still at the high school but now in a program to learn about and try out different jobs. At age 21 he will exit this program ready to work.

He is currently working at our school district headquarters. He LOVES it!! He shreds paper, stocks paper in the copy machine, cleans tables (okay...he doesn't like this task), and delivers interoffice mail. 

The employees all know Tuba and they love having him working at the office. It's a perfect job for him as he loves to socialize and feels comfortable in the environment. 

His class takes lots of community outings too. They shop for groceries and make their own lunches. Tuba really likes the grocery store and is quick to say, "EWWWW" to a food he's not fond of. 

His seizures have been much better. Thank you to everyone that prays for him! He has only had a large seizure about once a week or every other week....instead of several a day. So glad!! He does have a few small quick ones a day (they look like a startle and last only a second).

Tuba lost about 20 lbs. when the seizure activity increased and his meds had to increase. One of his meds was subsequently decreased. He has now regained most of the weight. He is always saying, "eat"and pointing at the fridge....a true teenager bottomless pit! 

Cam has decided to do some triathlons with Tuba! We already have the bike trailer to pull Tuba in and now Cam bought a special needs stroller. Cam runs and pushes Tuba! The man is crazy....and fit....and crazy. Tuba LOVES it and yells "faster, faster" at Cam. For the swim portion of the event Cam is going to pull Tuba in a raft that's tied to himself. They haven't tried that portion yet. 

A finally....a funny Tuba story. Tuba has a couple naughty words or phrases he says. It's really embarrassing because he says them VERY clearly. His favorite thing to say when he's mad...or just trying to get attention is "ass". Then if he's really worked up he likes to say "ass balls". Now, I'm DYING to even tell you this. I can assure you that nobody in our house goes around yelling, "ass balls" so he didn't get it for one of us.....Okay, maybe the ass part but not the two together. Ugh! He made up this little creation all on his own. If he's SUPER MAD he will string together "poopy ass ball". Oh.My.Word. I don't even know what to say to that. 

I will admit that secretly Cam and I laugh about the Ass Balls phrase. If one of us is having a bad day we will send a text saying Today is ASS BALLS!! It makes us laugh. I told my friends at book club about Tuba's phrase. They loved it. They all started saying it to their husbands...the husbands all started saying it too. For a surprise my book club had t-shirts made that have a donkey (ass) and a bunch of soccer, football, and basketballs on the front. I about died laughing! They totally "get" Tuba which made me get all teary.

So...the funny story part. At Tuba's IEP meeting his speech therapist and I were talking about ways to redirect and get him to stop saying his naughty words. She has been working with him to be polite....say excuse me, etc. 

The other day I was coming up from the basement with a  big basket of laundry. Tuba wanted to come down so he says to me, "MOVE!". I kindly told him that he needed to be polite. He responded so nicely with, "Excuse me". I was so thrilled and praised him. Then as he passed me he belted out, "ASS!!". Of course I couldn't laugh so I held it until I was in another room. Well, at least he got the polite part right. It's a work in progress.

That's my Tuba. He's a gem. He regularly comes to get me to look at the sunset. He's my built in sunset alarm clock. Love him!


  1. Love love LOVE Tuba! You're correct he is a gem. Glory to God that his seizures are better, will continue to pray that he is healed and delivered from them.

    Your husband is amazing ...wishing him and Tube the best in training and for the race!

  2. Well, he is certainly a teenager and we are so, so happy about that!!!



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