Thursday, March 12, 2015

Art Docent Moon Scene

Moon Scene:

The next lesson I did was a moon scene and tree. We learned about color value. We used tempura paint on black construction paper. The lesson begins with a white moon and then by adding small amount of blue the rings around the moon become darker. Next, purple is created by adding some red. Finally black is added and then just black is used out to the edge of the page. The tree is a bare winter tree and is painted on with the same black paint and a smaller brush.

They turned out beautiful!!

It was a fun...and messy project. Next time I'll have the kids cover their desks with newspaper first. But...then I would have missed the craziest cleanup...and a lot of fun.

The kids used shaving cream to clean the paint off the desks. Who knew?! It worked really well...and then they had a ball "shaving". What a fun group of kids!


  1. I just love the art docent work you are doing. If only we each/all had the opportunity to look at the world and ourselves and then have the opportunity to experiment with that. Thanks to you for "moving outside your comfort zone."

  2. You have to teach that to me. I love the moon and tree pictures! Those are all frame able!!! You’re so talented, and the kids are so lucky to have you as an art teacher. XOXOXOXO



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