Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dancing Boy

This handsome guy went to his prom. He knew it was coming up and was really excited!! He kept saying, "shoes" and pointing at his feet. He knows he gets some new clothes for the big dance. 

I bought him two shirts and bow ties and let him choose which he wanted to wear. He LOVED his blue shirt and fun tie. 

He also got a new haircut. After years of keeping his hair really short I've been letting the top grow out. He is much better about letting me fix it now and it looks SUPER cute!! He goes around pointing at his head and showing off the new do!

He had a fantastic time dancing the night away!


  1. He's getting sooo "man-sized" and I love that he likes to pick out his clothes. His father was also very particular about what he wore..."back in the day" . I had three daughters (who mostly didn't care) and one son (who liked to look good or at least, create his image). I love that Dancing Boy gets to do this. Thank you for the pictures!

  2. Love Tuba! He is soooooo handsome! Love the outfit and love love love that he likes getting new clothes! Kisses to all the kids XOXOXOXO



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