Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back to School 2015

Mr. P moved up to middle school this year. He is LOVING it. This transition has gone so well! He likes his classes and likes 5 out of his 6 teachers. He is taking advanced placement math and English. And...he is doing very well with his grades. In band he chose to play the saxophone. So fun! He's made great progress (as's no longer painful to listen to practice). Mr. P also joined the cross country team. 6th graders cannot compete but they turn out for the practices. So basically he ran, and ran and ran...just for fun. He takes after Cam. But, all that running was good for him and it put him in great cardio shape for basketball tryouts. He just tried out for the AAU team and he made it!! Woot! So proud of this guy! The only down side to middle school and sports is that I really miss him. He leaves for the bus at 6:45 am and doesn't get home until 4:30 pm. That's a LONG day. My baby!

The younger three have adjusted to the new school year with ease. My kids truly love school and needed the year to begin after a long and fun summer. 

Baby George (yes he is a baby still) began his first FULL day of school. He is in heaven! He keeps telling me all about how he gets 2 recesses! 2!! George is fantastic reader. I love seeing him curled up with a book. George is playing soccer and is having a great time. He wants to play year-round! 

Sis is off to a great start in 2nd grade. She has some great friends in her class and loves recess too. She is less shy this year and is settling into the classroom routine well. She is in tune with all the kids' feelings and moods. Sis is playing soccer too. She is so fast and is really engaged in the game this year. 

Moses is loving 4th grade. He had a student directed conference and did an amazing job! He told us all about his goals for the year, both academically and goals for home. He made me get teared up with his goal of being kinder to siblings and playing with them more. What a nice boy. Moses applied for the Lego Robotics team. It's very competitive!! 4th and 5th graders may apply and they only accept 10 students. He made it!! It's such a great fit for him....and he is loving every minute of it. They will go to competitions too. Moses is on a soccer team too (yes, that's 4 kids in sports!!! BUSY practice schedule!!). He hasn't played soccer for 3 years and is so glad he returned to it. Soccer is his sport!! He's now looking into playing on an indoor team for winter. 

Tuba was happier than anyone to go back to school! He is in his second year of job training. He is training at a local pizza place. They put chairs down, wipe tables and make pizza boxes. He loves the social aspect of school! Tuba is our biggest cheer leader. He loves going to all the kids' practices and games. He happily cheers for the kids. Good thing...because we spend A LOT of time doing just that. 

On the first day of school Cam and I headed out for a day date. This sums up how sad we were to leave our kids at school. Ha!!

I have so many cute pics of our dogs. In our family we frequently say, "It's a dog's life" when we see our pooches lounging around (while we work and clean) or being spoiled. 

Truly around here, "It's a dog's life".

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  1. School days sound just wonderful! But YOUR picture should be in there, too, as a sub teacher. I love that, as parents, you and Cam are willing to go the extra thousand miles to keep your kids interested and active and challenged! They are each so fortunately to be in your family!



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