Sunday, October 9, 2016

Different kind of Busy

I met a mom the other day that has four little ones all age five and under. That's a mouth full...and that's a busy life. I know from experience.

It got me reminiscing and thinking about how the "business" just changes. I'm still busy but it's different.

Here's how I used to be busy. Oh, I loved going back and reading that post. I remember those days of driving back and forth from the preschool and elementary school. Actually years of that!

Now, I could still us the Mobile Mom Unit. Well, I do now have a 12 passenger van which is as close as I'm going to get. And it's regularly stocked with supplies....first aid kit, water, drinks, snacks, chairs, blankets, umbrella, books.

My busy life now is due to kids in sports. Each season it's a different sport. Right now it's the three youngest in soccer, and Mr. P in Cross Country.

A regular Tuesday looks like this.

6:00 Get up Mr. P and Tuba. Breakfast and lunch making.

6:50 Mr. P to bus. Get Tuba showered, dressed and ready.

7:45 Tuba off on bus. Get youngest three up fed and lunches made.

9:00 Last kids off to school.

9:00-2:00 Exercise, clean house, chores, errands, shopping, cooking prep, school volunteer time and if Cam's home lunch date time.

2:10 Tuba home

3:30 Pick up at elementary, heavy snacks (since no dinner time), get ready for soccer, homework and chore time

4:25 Pick up Mr. P from school.

4:35 Drop off Mr. P and round up kids for soccer.

4:45 Leave for soccer for George. Stay and watch until 5:15 then leave with Sis. Stay and watch until 5:45 and then leave to pick up George and then return to Sis's practice until 7:00.

7:15 arrive home. Snack time again. On these crazy sports nights we eat bagels or toast with PB, cereal, yogurt, fruit.

7:30 Get ready for bed, showers, teeth, homework, prayers.

8:00 bedtime.

Other days have  different routine but they are all crazy. Each kid practices at a different field on different nights. The days Cam is home are WAY easier. We can have a regular dinner but maybe just eat it in different shifts.

Oh and game day can be crazy too. Last week it was three games that overlapped. So Grandma and Grandpa took one child and Cam and I each split up with the other two.

It's crazy busy but I love it!


  1. Good thing you're organized! Not many people could handle a schedule like that and keep it moving smoothly, Great Job Becky!!! Didn't get what Busy Guy is doing?

  2. ...forgot to mention the photo of Rocket is so cute!!!



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